Directory Comittee

  • President: Mr. Thomas HAUSNER, 7th Dan (Austria)
  • Soke & Technical Director: Mr. Masataka OHSHITA, 9th Dan (Japan / Austria)
  • Vice-President: Mr. Chris MILEHAM, 7th Dan (England)
  • General Secretary : Mr. Thomas GEIGER, 6th Dan (Germany)
  • Deputy General Secretary: Mrs. Gayle BERRY-ZÖCHBAUER, 3rd Dan (USA / Austria)
  • Treasurer: Mr. Paul GRUBER, 5th Dan(Germany)

Responsibilities within the Directory Committee (DC):

  • The President occupies the Association‘s highest leadership position. He is responsible for the representation of the Association – in particular to the general public and in dealings with government offices and third persons. He is the chairperson of the both the General Meeting and the DC. If the President is unable to fulfil his duties, the Vice- President shall assume these duties.
  • The Soke occupies the Association‘s highest technical position. He is the also head of the Technical Commission and therefore also Technical Director.
  • The General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary shall support the President in managing the Association‘s legal, organisational and administrative activities. They are also responsible for keeping the minutes of the General Meetings and DC meetings.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for conducting the Association‘s financial affairs in an orderly and proper manner and preparing an annual report to the DC. Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo World Union Member of Kenseikan Shitoryu Karatedo Japan


  • Kontakt and responsible Person in Switzerland: Mr. Ralph Hödl, 5th Dan